One Way Inn

ONE WAY INN is a youth centre where teens can experience the life-changing love of Christ through interaction with committed Christians in a safe and caring environment.

In 1972 a small group of people at Bendale saw the opportunity to adopt a revolutionary idea — to fill a need in the lives of teens by providing a venue for concerts and dialogue. They named this project One Way Inn Coffee House.

One Way Inn has changed over the years…

A Safe Place

Everyone needs a safe place to go. One Way Inn provides a safe place to relax, and hang-out with friends. We provide a refuge that is alcohol, drug, and violence free, away from the pressures of every day life.

A Caring Place

Our staff and volunteers genuinely care for teens and are interested in their well being, both emotionally, and spiritually. One Way Inn invites youth to interact with peers and adults who are willing to offer a listening ear, support, friendship, and a source of guidance

An Encouraging Place

Our culture has placed many pressures on teens to make hard choices while they are still young. One Way Inn encourages the healthy development of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) in an effort to assist youth in building a stable foundation for their lives as they move into the future.

Our home base is Bendale Bible Chapel, a family-oriented community church in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Bendale offers services and programs for a wide range of ages.

Teens are welcome to participate in the various programs. You’ll be treated with dignity, honour and respect regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, emotional or physical disability, sexual orientation or economic status.

Access for the physically challenged

One Way Inn is accessible for the physically challenged person, including an elevator and washroom facilities.

To access the elevator, park at the rear of the church and enter by the back doors. Please call ahead so we are prepared to greet you at the back door — 416-888-4907

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